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A reclusive tour guide becomes an unlikely vigilante when the dark underbelly of New York City is revealed through his dreams. 

OTHER MADNESSES is the debut feature film from writer/director Jeremy Carr. The gritty psychological thriller which reportedly "feels like a fever dream" that "effectively gets under your skin" (The Hollywood Reporter) premiered in New York City in March of 2015 at First Time Fest where lead actor James Moles was presented the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Acting." Since then, the film has gone on to screen all around the country and internationally. It has won a total of ten awards on the festival circuit, including "Best Feature Film" and "Best Produced Screenplay" at The Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, "Outstanding Cinematography" at the Arizona International Film Festival, "Best Performance" at the Orlando Film Festival and "Best Director" at the West Side Film Festival in Los Angeles. The truly independent film took eight years to complete and can boast that it was shot in all five boroughs of NYC during all four seasons, including a finale that was captured during the record breaking blizzard of 2010. The footage was nearly lost forever when Hurricane Sandy flooded the Brooklyn production studio with five feet of seawater.




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